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Our trademarked 2amino5™ is part of a proprietary coffee blend that consists of 2 aminos and a stack of 5 unique extracts which we call hapitropics™.

This instant coffee is sure to help amplify your mood, aid in stress reduction, and help increase memory and focus while on your journey, all while supporting your digestive system.

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Scott Kesterson of the internationally known podcast discusses how truth, faith and getting back to our centre-point is critical in winning this war on humanity.

Scott is the founder/owner of Xpedition Cafe – producing documentary films & podcasts on the 3 principles of warrior culture: Conviction, Righteousness and Ruthlessness.

On Scott’s explosively popular podcast,, he speaks with leading doctors such as; Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Merritt, Dr. Palevsky, Dr Madej, Dr Nepute, Dr Meehan, and many others. As well as Robert F Kennedy Jr (Children’s Health Defense), and Del Bigtree from The Highwire.


Our trademarked 2amino5™ is part of a proprietary coffee blend that consists of 2 aminos and a stack of 5 unique extracts which we call hapitropics™.

This instant coffee is sure to help amplify your mood, aid in stress reduction, and help increase memory and focus, all while supporting your digestive system.


Gut Health Triad

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Immune XP

Our latest exciting breakthrough in nutritional science, Immune XP combines three powerful, synergistic, immune-supporting compounds (pinecone extract, humic and fulvic acid, and pyrroloquinoline quinone).

Biome IX® ADK

Give your body what it needs, where it needs it most with Biome iX® ADK! Specially formulated to boost energy levels and help restore the balance in your gut, Biome iX® ADK gives you the edge you've been searching for with the postbiotic genius of CoreBiome® tributyrin.

CANADA NPN: 80105869


At ÜFORIA Science®, we believe the promise of immense vitality lay right beneath our feet: Earth. Our latest creation is a superfood blend of berries, greens, mushrooms, proteins, and probiotics that holds the keys to optimal human health and longevity.


MitoTHERM is a formula designed to help the body burn fat more efficiently by providing energy at the cellular level. Through a series of biochemical reactions, this formula delivers energy to the mitochondria in your muscles to help your body efficiently burn fat.

Everyone benefits from cellular energy and having healthy mitochondria supports healthy energy. Some may benefit more than others based on a number of factors, including your genetics.

The DNA Weight Management report identifies a few items related to lipid metabolism, obesity, body fat storage and decreased energy expenditure. MitoTHERM helps address lipid metabolism (APAO2 variants), body fat storage (FTO variants) and decreased energy expenditure (UPC1). 

HapiTides® Citrus

Introducing HapiTides™, the future of nucleotide supplements! Our uniquely formulated Proprietary Blend includes some of the most buzz-worthy ingredients on the market-each one could easily stand on its own! Açaí powder, Acacia Gum, Stevia Leaf extract, Bamboo Fiber, Psyllium Husk and the most important one of all-Nucleotides. HapiTides™ is now available in three delicious flavors to choose from: Citrus, Chocolate or the brand-new Açaí!


Antioxidants are key to supporting a healthy aging process and healthy immune system. HapiHumol™ has four potent antioxidants, uniquely blended for powerful results. Once you feel the HapiHumol™ difference, you'll never look back!


PreTrition® is the perfect first-step partner on your journey to a lifetime of well. 

PreTrition® is scientifically formulated to fill your cellular "bucket" with specific, cell-centric ingredients (in just the right forms and amounts) to help your body learn (or re-learn) how to digest, absorb and utilize nutrients more efficiently and effectively. 
PreTrition® contains ac-11®, a patented and powerful botanical ingredient formulated at clinically substantiated levels shown to stabilize and potentially elongate telomeres. Telomeres are nucleotides on the ends of chromosomes (acting like plastic caps on the ends of shoelaces) and protect DNA from fraying and becoming damaged. 
In other words: PreTrition® is a telomere's BFF. 
The standard American diet (aptly "S.A.D.”) and lifestyle factors often contribute significantly to imbalances of free radicals, which may damage cells and DNA, resulting in premature aging and reduced healthspan. We formulated PreTrition® with dense-nutrient juice powders such as acai, goji berry, and mangosteen, which are antioxidants aimed at helping stabilize free radicals in the body.
Of course, you can eat healthily, but your body needs to make use of the nourishment. PreTrition® also contains a blend of digestive enzymes: cellulase, protease, amylase, and lipase to help break down food, so you get the proper micro and macronutrients required for full-potential cellular functioning.
Research has shown when your gut has a healthy balance of beneficial microbes, nutrients may be more readily absorbed, and your cells can optimally thrive. Thus, achieving a healthy gut microbiome is key to overall health. PreTrition® includes inulin, a soluble prebiotic fiber extracted from chicory root, which nourishes "good" gut microbes to help balance the microbiome.  


Surge Stickpack (30 Ct)

It’s not easy starting or maintaining a healthy weight management program. Although we may lose weight, sometimes it comes at the expense of losing muscle, having less energy or lacking mental clarity.

Surge is a companion product in your weight management regimen. It contains Branched Chain Amino Acids to help support retaining lean muscle while you reinforce healthy habits to help you achieve and maintain healthy weight. 

The formula also contains Acetyl-L-Carnitine which can help improve mitochondrial function, provide more energy and help support the fat burning process. Surge also supports mental clarity.

Ü Slümbr

Featuring naturally-derived ingredients, Ü Slümbr is a sleep aid designed to promote restful, quality sleep. Our proprietary formula is made with melatonin, valerian root, ginkgo biloba, lavender flower and chamomile extract to promote healthy sleep so you can wake feeling rested and enjoy more energy throughout the day.

CANADA NPN: 80114024